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Uhldingen - Klosterkirche Birnau

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Dampfschiff Hohentwiel

1 See 4 Laender und 1000 Moeglichkeiten

Lage des Bodensees in Europa

Lake Constance vacations - Bodensee holidays - Bodensee journeys - hotels - vacation homes and villas

More than 435 Bodensee hotels + pensions - < 470 vacation homes - 100 experience goals in    Germany- Austria - Switzerland - Liechtenstein

Virtual Roundtrip 

Tour with us at your computer around Lake Constance / Bodensee and visit the four countries of the international Lake Constance ( in German.Bodensee) and discover the singular vacation landscape. Here one can visit by car four countries in a morning and you have in the afternoon still time to bath in the Lake. Your bath will be in the best quality of drinking water.

More than 100 experience goals + Points of interest. 

Visit now on your PC the most important points of interest at the Lake Constance / Bodensee in the Internet and decide by yourself if its worth to go.. More trip goals worth seeing at the Lake Constance / Bodensee you will not find in any other holidays region.

Resorts of A - Z  

All tourist - information pages of the region and towns from A - Z.

Celebrations  The most important Celebrations and dates at Lake Constance / Bodensee, you should not miss.              


  Bird´s flew at       Lake Constance

Accommodation in 435 comfortable hotels Here you find only the hotels, which are attainable over the Internet and with own web pages. . Those are nearly all hotels at Lake Constance / Bodensee; some houses with reservation tools and announcement of free rooms. Most pages also in English.

Accommodation in 470 vacation homes Here you find the vacation homes at the Lake Constance / Bodensee with their own web pages, mostly also in English.

Bed & breakfast homes at Lake Constance / Bodensee with 19 private owners. Here you find private homeowner with their own web pages, .

 46 Camping sides at Lake Constance / Bodensee Here you find the best camping sites at the Lake Constance / Bodensee with their information pages



Öhningen - Gasthaus Schienerberg

Ermatingen - Ermatinger Hof

Gottlieben Hotel Drachenburg

Öhningen - Fewo Haus Bilger

Ludwigshafen - Seehotel Adler

Neuer Zeppelin NT

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